Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wait a second!

I don't know how it works were you are but HERE people may get off the bus using the front door,and they do use the  front door to exit the bus. Everyday, on every route and yet  on every ride I take some smart thing bolts onto the bus before the folks leaving the bus can exit. I can't help but think this is more than a local problem so  no matter your rush, if you just hang on a second to see if someone is about to exit things will be better for us all.

Once in times gone by, front doors were for boarding  here. Not so any  longer, our buses lower for easier entry and exit . I think with the time it takes to accommodate the lowering of the bus, seconds are saved by making the front of the bus arrive at the curb with less attention to paralleling the curb at the back door.. Very often  the distance to the curb from the back door  is a hop skip and a jump to safety. So rather than risk  having to do a long jump or ford a lake I use the front door. Get out of my way.

Friday, August 17, 2012

You look so beautiful!

 If you see a young pregnant woman who has made the slightest effort with her appearance,  tell her she looks beautiful or wonderful  or if you can't manage that, tell her she looks healthy.  Having a baby is a big job and a great deal  of responsibility that  often comes with  a high level of uncertainty.  Make an effort and reach out to a stranger or an  acquaintance.  Pregnant women need to know that they are valued and beautiful.

You don't have to ask her when she is due unless she is known to you as this can seem like you are judging her as - too big, too small or  too fat and certainly don't tell her any horror stories or tales of mishaps and failures. Just compliment her and wish her well. She will be glad you did.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Black cars look better in the shade

and so do black baby buggies! I was  at an event yesterday . It was a family type thing with hundreds of family types  milling about lolling in the sunshine . I was surprised to see just how popular black baby buggies, strollers or whatever you chose to call them have really become . Poor little munchkins inside! Seriously unless your black carriage is lined with a light colour this is a poor choice of  colour for a kiddy conveyance. Black heats up because it absorbs the heat. Basic science! A little  plastic window is no relief from the sun nor is a little screen vent . If you have kids it is inevitable that these types of events will come up  so when making your choice consider this advice - AND they show crumbs and sneezes and drizzled milk so they don't look smart for long unless you are one of those rare parents that are meticulous and have a fastidious baby as well!

Now that you know that can you tell me what Gino Vanelli was taking about ?

Monday, April 2, 2012

If you can't say something nice

I am a feminist. I don't believe for one minute that women should put up with guff from ANY man and certainly not, from their husbands. I am not the "suffer in silence" type nor do I think anyone else should, however, it is wise to consider what you say about your spouse or significant other. It is very easy to make them the butt of your jokes or to speak disparagingly about them. This can often be learned behaviour, the way your mother spoke about your father or the way your father "joked about your mother" within your hearing or perhaps even to you. It can be a need to belong when getting together with your girlfriends, siblings, buddies or cronies.

Consider how this reflects on you. Consider what it says about the choice that you have made in a partner. Consider what it says about the person who should be the single most important person in your life, perhaps the person you have chosen to raise a family with. The person who was there before when you were a couple and with careful nurturing, the person who will be there as you grown into a family and if you become parents perhaps when your days as parents will have dimmed. Your partner for now and ever.

As good as it can feel to sound off to friends perhaps sometimes that is just your contribution to the group and perhaps there is an element of exaggeration or a boasting to the bad behaviour. Does it really need to be said ? Isn't there something else you can bring to the table ? Something well done ? Some thoughtful deed done for you ? If you can't find something good to say perhaps it's time to stop and consider what you have done that it thoughtful or worthy of positive comment for your partner and if you can't think of anything now is the time to figure out what you can do to be more considerate more thoughtful or kinder. This is a door that swings both ways.

Be kind.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sleeping so soundly

You wouldn't put a plastic bag over your babies head - would you? Use a green garbage bag just to keep him dry? Perhaps to keep the wind off him or maybe the germs away?
I thought not. It seems absurd, doesn't it ?

So why would you cover your stroller with a sturdy plastic cover and lash it in place? I know he appears to be sleeping soundly but appears may be the operative word. That cover may well be trapping the CO2 he is breathing out and perhaps that is not a naturally induced sleep rather lethargy induced by the lack of oxygen in his little cocoon. Co2 is heavy and will settle around him trapped by the stroller hood and with no flow of air due to the plastic cover you've left in place to create his little bubble you may be causing brain damage in your efforts to keep him safe. Always choose a cover that allows for adequate air flow. There should be an opening at the top and the bottom should be loose or open. And if he gets a little wet believe me when I say he'll be fine !

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pay Attention

Keep an eye on what's going on around you. Sure listen to that damn thing but don't lose yourself in the music when you are using public transit. Put your bag on the seat but move it when someone else is standing in the aisle. Stand if you can and offer your seat to an elder or a youngster. Thank the driver when he waits for you- it isn't requiredthat he wait but your thanks is required when the bus is held for you!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Take care of yourself!

When there isn't a sidewalk for goodness sakes walk on the left hand side of the road facing the oncoming traffic! You want to see the car that's going to hit you and be able to jump out of the way. If it comes from behing you won't see it!
Of course I know it's possible they drive on the other side of the road where you live but the truth still remains - face the oncoming traffic for your own safety.

Now about those head phones-seriously! We won't talk about hearing damage today but vulnerability. I really am not a fear monger but really sister - the rules of personal safety say 'keep your eyes and your ears open' and how can you do that when you are moving and grooving and just not present with your ears covered and most likely texting as you walk along ? H-m-m-m-m-m-m-m ?