Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wait a second!

I don't know how it works were you are but HERE people may get off the bus using the front door,and they do use the  front door to exit the bus. Everyday, on every route and yet  on every ride I take some smart thing bolts onto the bus before the folks leaving the bus can exit. I can't help but think this is more than a local problem so  no matter your rush, if you just hang on a second to see if someone is about to exit things will be better for us all.

Once in times gone by, front doors were for boarding  here. Not so any  longer, our buses lower for easier entry and exit . I think with the time it takes to accommodate the lowering of the bus, seconds are saved by making the front of the bus arrive at the curb with less attention to paralleling the curb at the back door.. Very often  the distance to the curb from the back door  is a hop skip and a jump to safety. So rather than risk  having to do a long jump or ford a lake I use the front door. Get out of my way.

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