Monday, June 11, 2012

Black cars look better in the shade

and so do black baby buggies! I was  at an event yesterday . It was a family type thing with hundreds of family types  milling about lolling in the sunshine . I was surprised to see just how popular black baby buggies, strollers or whatever you chose to call them have really become . Poor little munchkins inside! Seriously unless your black carriage is lined with a light colour this is a poor choice of  colour for a kiddy conveyance. Black heats up because it absorbs the heat. Basic science! A little  plastic window is no relief from the sun nor is a little screen vent . If you have kids it is inevitable that these types of events will come up  so when making your choice consider this advice - AND they show crumbs and sneezes and drizzled milk so they don't look smart for long unless you are one of those rare parents that are meticulous and have a fastidious baby as well!

Now that you know that can you tell me what Gino Vanelli was taking about ?

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