Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Comfy Couch

Couch, sofa, divan, settee, Davenport, Chesterfield- do you know what I am talking about?
That comfy (hopefully) piece of furniture you curl up on when no one else is around and sit smartly on when you are visiting someone else's home. Perhaps it's where you sit cuddled in someones arms or hold your Sweet thing - be it pup, kitten, child, or lover. That's the place I am talking about.

Can you please tell me why it has two or three seat cushions? Does anyone really sit in the exact position designated my the seat cushions? Isn't someone always in the crack? And oh my goodness look under there- will you! Crumbs, socks, tissues, money, magazines, shopping lists, glasses. . . ugggghhhh !Yuck . Try to take a nap and what have you got imprinted on your butt or mid back ? Why the welting from around the cushions and do they stay neatly in place - not for me - how about you?

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